After-Hours Emergency Guidelines

Due to problems with inappropriate and/or incorrect use of the After-Hours Emergency Pager line, we have also put together the following guidelines for tenant use. Please observe them whenever using the Emergency Pager Line.

The Emergency Line is for after-hours emergencies only. Please do not use this number to ask about non-maintenance or non-emergency matters that come up after business hours. Similarly, if it is a non-urgent maintenance issue that occurs shortly before the office is due to open, please leave a message on the office line and it will be handled promptly. Our emergency maintenance line is 310-384-4166.

NOTE: In the event of FIRE, call 9-1-1 FIRST! Once you’ve called 9-1-1, and vacated the apartment if necessary, THEN call the After-Hours line to let us know what’s happening.

If you have an after-hours maintenance emergency, which cannot wait until business hours (or the next business day), please call the number noted above. You will have the option of either entering your phone-number (via your phone’s keypad) as a Page, or leaving a detailed message. Your call will be returned within 10-15 minutes. If you do not receive a return call after that amount of time, please call back.

If you leave a message, please be sure to include all of the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your building address
  • Your unit number
  • The nature of the emergency
  • A phone number at which you may be reached, including Area Code

If you are not sure if your issue is an emergency, please refer to our F.A.Q. below.

Some maintenance issues may not be able to be handled immediately. For instance, if you are calling at midnight about a clogged toilet, a plumber may not be able to go out until morning. Please keep this in mind when calling, especially if it’s late.

We do not provide ‘lock-out’ service after-hours or over the weekend. If you have lost your keys, or locked them inside your home, car, etc., you must contact a locksmith and cover the expense yourself. We are glad to recommend locksmith services, but we will not be able to get keys to you after business hours. ** If you live in a building with a resident manager, they may have an extra set of keys. If you do not have a resident manager, or if they do not have keys, then a locksmith will be necessary. ** If the locksmith changes the locks, you MUST provide us with a copy of the new keys ASAP (preferably within two days).

After-Hours Emergencies F.A.Q.

Some things, no matter how urgent they may seem, are NOT an emergency. The following examples are things that are either not an emergency, or else have other solutions:

Problem: I’ve locked myself out of my apartment.
Solution: If it’s after business hours, we can’t help you. Please contact a locksmith. We recommend EXPRESS LOCKSMITH @ 310-659-1392. This will be an out-of-pocket expense. It is advised that you have a spare key stored outside of your unit, either with a neighbor or elsewhere.

Problem: My electricity has gone out.
Solution: First, check the circuit breakers in your apartment. They are usually located in the kitchen, or in a closet or hallway. If they are not flipped, or if you try to reset them and nothing happens, call the Electric Company next. If everyone else in the building has power, there may be a problem with your specific account. If the entire building is out, there may be an outage in the neighborhood. If none of those is the case, then call the pager so we can send an electrician. Note:If the electrician goes out and finds it was a simple case of the circuit breakers being flipped, you may be charged for the service call.

Problem: My toilet is clogged.
Solution: Try a plunger first. Most stoppages in toilets are caused by excess paper. If that is the case, you will be charged for the plumber’s visit. If the toilet is filling and you’re worried about an overflow, first shut off the water to the toilet. This can usually be accomplished by turning a small valve behind the toilet to the off-position. If the toilet has started backing up on its own, or the plunger did not work, then call the pager. If you have more than one toilet, and the situation is not urgent (see above description), you may be asked by the plumbing company to wait until the following business day. Note: If the plumber finds you were at fault for the stoppage, you may be charged for the service call.

Problem: It’s raining and my roof/ceiling is leaking.
Solution: First, move any furniture out of the way, if possible, and set up something to catch the water (bowl, bucket, jar, etc.). Then call the office. While the situation is urgent, it cannot be handled until after the rain stops. Leave a voicemail and we will get a roofing company out ASAP once business hours resume. Even on a weekend, if it is raining, they won’t be able to put down any kind of patch.

NOTE: If the leak is coming from the unit upstairs from you, especially if you can hear running water, please page us right away so a plumber can be dispatched.

Problem: My neighbors are being excessively noisy.
Solution: This is not an emergency, no matter how irritating it may be. If you are comfortable with approaching them about it, please do so. Sometimes all it takes is a knock on the door and a polite request. If it is a recurring problem, or they are not willing to reduce the noise, please send us a complaint in writing. If you feel it needs to be addressed that same day/night, please contact the Police Department for your area at their non-emergency number.

Emergency Contacts

Utilities Contacts


  • Southern California Edison:, 1-800-655-4555
  • Los Angeles Dep’t of Water & Power:, 1-800-342-5397
  • (Refer to your lease for water & power agreements.)


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